# Implementing Distributed Tracing With Jaeger

  1. Add the OpenTracing extension:
    ./mvnw quarkus:add-extensions -Dextensions=quarkus-smallrye-opentracing
  2. Add the configuration to application.properties
    quarkus.jaeger.sampler-type=const       ## Sampling type
    quarkus.jaeger.sampler-param=5          ## Sampling rate, in this case every fifth request is sampled
    quarkus.log.console.format=%d{HH:mm:ss} %-5p traceId=%X{traceId}, parentId=%X{parentId}, spanId=%X{spanId}, sampled=%X{sampled} [%c{2.}] (%t) %s%e%n 
    # quarkus.jaeger.endpoint=http://jaeger-collector:12345/api/traces
    • This will result in all REST requests having tracing implemented
  3. Addition tracing extensions for JDBC, Kafka, and MongoDB are also availabe and you can find documentation HERE (opens new window)
Last Updated: 12/18/2021, 5:53:27 PM